Four Useful Accounting Software Programmes

Whether you work from home, run a small business or are a sub-contractor or freelancer, chances are you’ll probably come across or even need some form of accounting software. Here we briefly analyse a few popular choices.


Developed by Intuit, Quickbooks is a crowd-pleaser as it’s one of the most popular accounting software options available right now. It is able to track incomes, expenses and sales whilst producing reports and data of your progress over time. Like most software, it is able to track clients, create invoices and has an accounts payable and receivable section. It can be linked to the Cloud too, meaning it can be accessed from anywhere you go. As well as this, it can also be linked to PayPal and strong customer support. Quickbooks offers a free 30-day trial, and after this subscription fees range from £8 to £27, depending on which package is opted for.


Similarly, Xero is also a big player in the world of accounting software and offers many of the same features that Quickbooks does. It can also be accessed anywhere due to its Cloud computing and is easy to use, not to mention its great customer support and services. Where Quickbooks is considered to be useful for freelancers or small businesses, Xero is considered better for medium sized businesses and can integrate many third-party apps such as PayPal, Expensify, Evernote and many more. It can provide a free 30-day trial also and packages start from £10 up to £27.50.


Also a Cloud accounting software, FreshBooks is considered to offer excellent invoice to payment features – invoicing is easy and offers a useful online payments gateway too. Users are able to take pictures of their receipts and can link to a bank for quick expense tracking. It can also transfer timesheets and data onto an invoice quickly. Another useful feature is that it is able to track when clients have opened and seen your invoice email too. With a gold medal in sale and customer service, FreshBooks is a popular choice and packages range from $13.50 to $50 depending on your plan and number of clients.


Wave is the only software on this list that is completely free to use! It’s similar to the others where it can track expenses and create invoices. It can also link to credit cards and PayPal and sync with your bank too. As it’s free, it’s quite simple and easy to use, but, if you’re a bigger company or have a complicated financial situation, this can be a negative due to its lack of features.

As experts in accounting and bookkeeping, we admit that accounting software can be incredibly beneficial for many. However, if your business or financial situation is complicated and your expenses are difficult to track, we recommend getting in touch with a chartered accountant for help. At Barron & Co in Birmingham, we offer professional accounting, bookkeeping and tax services, so contact us today if we can help you.