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If you work for a company, then your tax contributions are handled by your employer. However, if you’re self-employed, a sole trader or a business owner, you’re responsible for calculating your own contributions via a self-assessment (SA). Unfortunately, most people who need to pay their own tax barely have enough time to meet deadlines at work, and they rarely understand the ins and outs of the taxation laws to use them to their full advantage.

At Barron and Co, we’re the experts in CIS self-assessment in Birmingham, meaning we can take what can be a long and complex task off your hands. There’s no need to study the UK’s ever-adapting taxation regulations when you can trust us to do the hard work for you. For decades, our chartered accountants have been removing the hassle from the SA for organisations ranging from charities to global business, so call us today to find out how we can help you.

Save Money with Expert CIS Tax Advice in Birmingham

With a mission to maintain economic growth, promote fairness and help business owners stay on top of their finances, the government frequently changes the tax laws, which can make it difficult to remain up to date. However, while this can seem frustrating, some new tax incentives and law adaptations could benefit your business.

Our job is to stay updated with regulation changes and identify opportunities for you to keep hold of your money, ensuring our services virtually pay for themselves. If you want to make sure your CIS self assessment in Birmingham will keep your costs to a minimum without being unfair, then you should get in touch with our professionals for expert advice.

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There’s no need to invest your valuable time into filling out convoluted forms and trying to get to grips with the CIS self-assessment in Birmingham when you can trust our chartered accountants to prioritise your best interests while doing all the hard work. Call us today on 0121 426 4155 to discuss your needs directly with our CIS tax returns accountants in Birmingham.